Our Vision

Turkey has been tried to adopt its legal system to the European legal system for 25 years. The last 3 examples of it are; the new Code of Obligations, Commercial Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Turkey has been recently an interesting and attractive country for especially foreign investors and it is seen that the aim of the recent legal regulations are to increase and intensify the mentioned interest and attractiveness and as well as simplify the foreign investment. Consequences of this policy has been realized in a short time, in other words more foreign companies has been started to prepare to invest in our country. Our Office has provided services for Turkish and foreign investors especially in the field of energy and defense both in Turkish, German and English, since it was founded. As consequences of the political developments between Turkey and European countries and USA the economic relations will be developed as well and more foreign companies will invest in Turkey.

Our law Office is qualified to provide qualified legal support required by the foreign investors. Preparations are done according to the new developments in Turkish law and economic conjuncture, new codes are meticulously studied, information sheets regarding the characteristics of the new codes are and prepared introduced in various platforms both in German and English by people and consultants of the Office.

Our Office provides services for the requirements of foreign companies such as preparing legal infrastructure regarding foundation and opening branches in Turkey, and the other commercial activities of them, drafting contracts, obtaining work permit according to the new Commercial Code in meticulously. Our Office focuses on finding the most suitable solution considering the requirements of its client for him/her within the comparative law knowledge and vision and places importance on one-to-one closely communication with its client. Our law Office aims to work systematically in a discipline with using the methods of analytical thinking and bring innovation while working, therefore to be productive and get successful conclusion by strategic management.

In addition to the Turkish, German and English, our law Office can provide services in Italian too.

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