Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz


Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz, who was born on 03.08.1963 in Merzifon, completed her primary education in Çankırı and her secondary education in Ankara Anıttepe High School. Later, she was graduated from the Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1987. Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz gained LLM degree in the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Ankara in the field of private law between 1987-1989.       

Prof. Dr Arzu Oğuz, who made a start on her academic carrier as a Research Assistant at Ankara University, Faculty of Law  in 1988, had received a scholarship to do PhD in Germany and she come back to Turkey in 1997 after she had obtained PhD degree from Münih Ludwig-Maximilians University.

When she was working as a Research Assistant in Roman Law in the Law School of Ankara University, was first promoted to a “Lecturer in Roman Law” position on 20.04.1998 in the same department, and then on 20.12.1999 to an “Assistant Professor of Roman Law” position. Shortly after she became an “Associate Professor of Roman Law” on 12.03.2002, was appointed to the Comparative Law Department which was founded on 4.12.2003 at he Ankara University, Faculty of Law. She has been working as a professor since and she was the head of that department since 04.12.2003.

Prof. Dr. Arzu Ooğuz has given under-gratuated and gratuated lectures at the faculties of law of  many state and pivate universities founded in the lots of cities in  Turkey. Furthermore, she has been in United States, Germany, Austria and United Kingdom to reserach and give lectures and conferences.

Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz is a member of Turkish-German Lawyers Association (Türkisch-Deutsch Juristenvereinigung) and was the president of Association of Students who had Higher Education in Germany (AYÖG) from 2007 to 2011.

Since 2011 Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz has been academic consultant of the Sector Council of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys which carry on business under the TOBB.

In addition to these, Prof. Oğuz is a member of Intellectual Property Academy under Turkish Patent and Trademark Office since 2017.

Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz,  who had been appointed to lots of administrative work in the university such as member of Faculty Board of Ankara University, coordinator of Erasmus Program, member of the board of directors for the Ankara University Student Houses, was Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Law between 31.12.2012-31.12.2015 . She has been head of the Comparative Law Department and head of the Center of Research and Application of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

Prof. Dr Arzu Oğuz who is registered mediator at the Mediation Registration of Ministry of Justice, partcipated in the „International Mediation“ course held by Association for International Arbitration in Brussels in August 2013. She is also registered arbitrator at the Vien Arbitration Center and she has worked as „trusted lawyer“ of Autrian Commercial Center and she was deemed worthy to „Science and Art Merit“ by Austria. 

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Oğuz offers consulting services in the field of business law in the Oğuz Law Consultancy Firm of which she is the founding partner. Commercial transactions, medical law, liability law, energy law, intellectual property rights, commercial arbitration and mediation are the primary areas of expertise in which Prof. Oğuz offers consulting services within Oğuz Law Consultancy Firm.



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