National Conferences


1. Paper on “Public Performance of Musical Works in USA Law” in Utilization of Works in Radio-Television Broadcasting and Public Places and Copyright Summit held by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation on the date of 01/12/2004.

2. Paper on “Copyright” in the conference held by Antalya Bar on 01/07/2005.

3. Paper on “Copyright of Architecture” in the Panel held by “Turkish Architecture Association” on the date of 24/11/2006.

4. Paper on “Improper Quotation and Plagiarism in Scientific Works” in the meeting held by Turkish Pharmacological Association” on the date of 14/12/2007.

5. Paper on “The role of Comparative Law in the Legal Education” in the symposium on “Legal Education in the extent of International and Introduction to Attorney” held by Turkish Union of Bars on the date of 9/05/2008.

6. Speech on “Protection of Geographical Indications as a type of Industrial Rights” with  Attorney Alp Alpaslan who is the head of Techno park of Ankara University addressing to the representatives of  chambers of various cities in the Panel held by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey on the date of 22/07/2008.

7. Speech on “Copyright” in the meeting held by Netherlands Alumni Association on the date of 6/02/2009.

8. Paper on “The Role and Function of Comparative Law in Legislation in the light of Historical and Current Examples” in the meeting on “Rule Making and Adjudication” in the concept of “Ankara Faculty of Law Meetings” held by Ankara University Faculty of Law on the date of 17/04/2009.

9. Paper on “Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Folklore according to the Intellectual Property System” in the concept of workshop held by İstanbul Bilgi University on the date of 05/01/2010.

10. Paper on “ Intellectual Property Rights and  University-Industry Cooperation” in the seminar on Conversion of Intellectual and Industrial Property into the Investment held by International Investors Association on the date of 21/10/2011.

11. Paper on “The Content of the Programs of Legal Education in the Faculties of Law and Its reflection to the Professions of Judge and Prosecutor” in the symposium on Education of Members of Judgment to provide Effective and Efficient Judgment held by the Higher Board of Judges and Prosecutors in Antalya on the date of 23/10/2013.

12. Paper on “Towards a Universal Legal Science, Comparative Law” in the conference held by Antalya Bar on the date of 22/11/2013.

13. Paper on “Alternative Dispute Resolution in Intellectual Property Law” in the symposium on Alternative Dispute Resolution held by Ankara University Faculty of Law on the date of 17/01/2014.

14. Paper on Nullity of Patent at the “Functioning of Patent System and Patent Cases in Our Country” Symposium held by Ankara Bar (10 April 2015)

15. Paper on Arbitration under Turkish Civil Procedure Code at the Conference on “Domestic and International Arbitration and Commercial Mediation Practices” held in Ankara University Faculty of Law (27 December 2016)

16. Paper on An Analyses of Absence of Use as Ground of Cancellation of Trademarks under the New Industrial Property Act at the “Panel on New Industrial Property Act from the Viewpoint of Judiciary” held by Ankara University Intellectual and Industrial Rights Research and Application Center (12 May 2017)

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